Monday, December 6, 2010

Lab D- Bowling

For my Lad D i was assigned to teach Bowling at a local bowling alley. I am not a very good bowler so when i found i that was what i was teaching i was a little nervous!! After researching some sthings about bowling i decided that i wanted to focus on the 4 step approach, something that is essentail to get down i you want to succeed in bowling. Once i knew what i wanted to focus on it was alot easier to plan my lesson.

I needed to incorporate technology somehow into my lesson so i decided to make a powerpoint to introduce some safety procautions and then the cues for the 4 step approach. I incorporated a short video of a very skilled bowler breaking down the four step approach so that the students could see a great example of what an almost perfect 4 step approach looks like.

Getting everything set up for my lesson was very stressful. Getting all the equipment to the bowling alley and getting it set up made me alittle nervous that i wouldnt be able to get it done. Also, because it was a very rainy day, there were alot of extra people at the bowling alley that the owner didnd think were going to be there. All of the lanes were filled wheni got there which freaked me out a little bit but thankfully he said that hal of the people were leaving within 10 minutes of us being there. My partner and i were able to get 7 lanes which was perfect for the amount of people in our class. Almost everyone lane had 2 people in it which was a perfect number for each student to get optimal amount of practice and playing time.

For my instant activity i had the students look at the powerpoint on the projector which had their lane assignments and partners and then had them find a ball and put their names in the scoring system. They then came back to the power point and i began my lesson. I thought for a long time about a good hook and i think the one i chose worked really well. I asked the students if they knew that there was a tounrament here in  a couple of weeks and that i took the liberty in signing them up for it which meant that we needed to practice alot. I then showed my powerpoint which had a little fun fact, safety precautions, the 4 step approach cues, the video of the four step approach and what we had planned for the class. Once the powerpoint was done i had them go to their lanes and practice the four step approach with the bowling ball and then hd them start bowling frames while practicing a perfect 4 step approach. I walked around and gave as many people feedback as i could. Many students werent keeping their arms straight which was causing them to bowl the ball into gutter. I told them to try and keep their arm straighter and have a larger pendulum swing.

Once i thought the students had practiced enough i had them come back to the projector and told them their next task. They were going to play Bingo Bowling and while they were playing their partner was going to peer assess their 4 step approach. Bingo Bowling is fun game where you get a sheet that is set up like a bingo card and their are numbers and shots that you have to make on it and once you do you can cross it off. For example if you get a strike then you cross off the strike on the card.

The assessment sheet had the four cues on it that i used for the 4 step approach. The student would have 3 trials to get their assessments done. For each trial they would be assesed on their form for each step that they take uin the four step approach. If they did the cue correctly then their partner would check off the box. As they were assessing and playing the game i walked around and tried to give as much feedback as i could. I also change challenges for some people. If i noticed that a student was doing really well, when they finished their four step approach right in front of the foul line i had them spin around once and then shot.

Once i was done with the lesson i had them meet me back at the projector again and concluded everything. I asked tthem if they had fun and if they thought they were a little bit more ready for the tournament. I also gave them a slip of paper with 3 bowling alleys, their numbers and addresses so that if they wanted to practice or just go and have fun they knew a place to go.

Overall, my lab d was definitely my best lab that i have taught so far. I was well prepared and knew exactly what i wanted to do and say. I feel that all of the lesson that weve taught up to this point has prepared was very well and i am confident that i will be able to teach great lessons in the future because of it.

Some things i could work on for the next time though is expaling the tasks alittle more. I think when i was expaling the game it was a little confusing because when i was walking around during the game some kids had questions about what to do. Also, i was having alot of fun teacahing this lesson but i didnt smile alot. I didnt show that i was having a great time. If i smile more, so will the students and they will enjoy themselves even more!!!

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