Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lab B1

Here we go again!! More teaching : ) The more we teach the more i feel like were getting comfortable infront of our classmates. The more experience we have the easier its going to come to us and this is definietly the case for me. I see a tremendous difference in my lesson from the first day of class, even from my last lesson. I was more confident and was well prepared for what i was going to teach. I knew where i wanted to stand, where the students were going to do the activity and had the frisbees prepared for them so that it wouldnt waste time getting them themselves. Take a look at my lesson, throwing a backhand throw from different levels!!!

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Of course it wasnt perfect but i think i did pretty good!! i was preally orud of myself. There were a few things that i had planned to say but forgot like a safety statement and i didnt demonstrate the wrong way to do the activity but thats all things that can be fixed!! I was also chewing gum. I didnt even realize it but im definitely not going to do that again next time. It wasnt very professional of me.

I worked hard on my visual aid and i think it helped alot with giving the cues. They were easy to see if the students forgot one of the cues.

Im excited for the next class where ill be watching my other classmates teach their lesson. It will be interesting to see other people teaching methods and their take on certain task!!!

Till next time Rockstars!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

picture from lab 2

Lab 2

Wow, Lab 2 went so much smoother than the first time through!!! I was so much more comfortable infront of everyone and practice definitely helped thats for sure. Knowing exactly what you want to get accomplished in your lesson makes it so much easier to get what you want across to the students. There were some things that i planned on saying in my lesson but slipped my mind when it actually came time to teach and time went by sooo fast! I wasnt even able to finish my whole lesson, but i guess its better to be over prepared then underprepared. I think i did a good job with progressions and my cues were easy to fall. The progressions Toss, step, and hit are not to much for the students to remember, I tried to give feedback as much as i could but all the students were basically doing the skills correctly so i tried to say nice job to some of them. Overall this lab was alot more fun to do and i think i did farely well but there is always room for improvement. Im ready to take on Lab 3!!!!   <-------My volleyball serve video.

Check it out : )

Check it out : )

Friday, September 10, 2010

chapter 1 questions

1. As a future teacher were going to have a curriculum to follow, certain guidelines that we have to follow to reach the goals that we want to achieve as a teacher. The New York state standars set a guideline for us to acheive these goals that we as physical educators have. They articulate pur programs goals. Physicals educators must stand up for their goal because in many schools, Phys ed may be at the risk of getting cut from the schools program. Teacher must be able to explain their goals fot the class and know why physical education is important for all kids to partake in.

4. Each student has a differnt way of learning information. Teacher must form how they teach according to the class that they are teaching and what skills they will be teaching. Different skills may take longer to develope and thus need more extensive explanation when teaching how to do the skill. To make sure a child achieves maximum potentail in a skill have them practice is over and over again. Like the saying says, parctice makes perfect!

5. A movement task is the heart of the lesson. It the tasks that the class is physically doing. A person should be able to look into a physical education class and know what the teacher asked the class to do. The movement task is made up of progressions so that the student can fully understand how to do perfrom a task. The movement task, from waht i believe, is what takes up the majority of the class.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Class

Coming into this 255 class i was pretty nervous because i had talked to a friend about it and said that we had to teach the first day of class. Walking into the class and seeing the equipment in the middle of the floor was pretty intimidating. We broke up into the groups with one half of the class on one side of the gym with 2 TA's and the rest of the class on the other side of gym witht he remaining TA's. We could pick anything we wanted to to teach about for 4 minutes but we had to take up the whole time. Im glad i didnt go first so i could see how other people were doing theirs and get a good idea as to what i wanted to talk about. I decided to do mine on kicking a soccer ball. It started off a little shakey but i got into after a couple minutes. I tried to give feedback to the students but i definietly could have given more. I really like that our professor tapes us so we can see how much we im prove by the end of the class.