Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Class

Coming into this 255 class i was pretty nervous because i had talked to a friend about it and said that we had to teach the first day of class. Walking into the class and seeing the equipment in the middle of the floor was pretty intimidating. We broke up into the groups with one half of the class on one side of the gym with 2 TA's and the rest of the class on the other side of gym witht he remaining TA's. We could pick anything we wanted to to teach about for 4 minutes but we had to take up the whole time. Im glad i didnt go first so i could see how other people were doing theirs and get a good idea as to what i wanted to talk about. I decided to do mine on kicking a soccer ball. It started off a little shakey but i got into after a couple minutes. I tried to give feedback to the students but i definietly could have given more. I really like that our professor tapes us so we can see how much we im prove by the end of the class.

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