Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lab 2

Wow, Lab 2 went so much smoother than the first time through!!! I was so much more comfortable infront of everyone and practice definitely helped thats for sure. Knowing exactly what you want to get accomplished in your lesson makes it so much easier to get what you want across to the students. There were some things that i planned on saying in my lesson but slipped my mind when it actually came time to teach and time went by sooo fast! I wasnt even able to finish my whole lesson, but i guess its better to be over prepared then underprepared. I think i did a good job with progressions and my cues were easy to fall. The progressions Toss, step, and hit are not to much for the students to remember, I tried to give feedback as much as i could but all the students were basically doing the skills correctly so i tried to say nice job to some of them. Overall this lab was alot more fun to do and i think i did farely well but there is always room for improvement. Im ready to take on Lab 3!!!!   <-------My volleyball serve video.

Check it out : )

Check it out : )

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